District Office

1035 15th Street |  Nevada, IA 50201  |  (515) 382-2783  |  Fax (515) 382-2836

Dr. Steve Gray   Mr. Brian Schaeffer


Business Manager, Board Secretary
Becky Kirschbaum, Administrative Assistant


Rita Foley, Administrative Assistant
Mr. Justin Gross Mr. Dave Kroese Mr. Jason Sampson
Director of School Improvement & Innovation Director of Buildings & Grounds Director of Transportation
Mr. David Schmitz   Mr. Joe Wakeman
Director of Food Services   Director of Technology

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Early Outs, Late Starts, and Cancellations


Nevada Community Schools will send out automated calls and text messages to parents in the event of early outs, late starts, and school cancellations.  Please make sure your information in PowerSchool is up-to-date!  You can also visit KCCI by clicking here to view current school closings.