Student Enterprises


Student Enterprises are business that are 100% student operated.  From product planning, customer outreach, costing, and marketing all the way through sales, accounting, and production - our students 'run the show'.  Teachers are available to advise and assist students with their enterprises but take a back-seat role when it comes to the enterprises.

High School

Cub Embroidery - website
A full service embroidery enterprise.  They focus on personalization of products ranging from hats and shirts to blankets and aprons.
9-12th grade

Cub Manufacturing
A Laser and CNC design enterprise.  Students design and create beautiful pieces including (but certainly not limited to!) plaques, engraved glasses, door signs, yard signs, custom laser engraving, logo'ed products, and more.

Cubs Grub - website
A food production enterprise.  Students create tasty treats tha tare available for parents to purchase when needing snacks in the classroom.


Nevada Cub Pride Committee
Fourth grade students direct and produce a weekly video with the theme of, "I am proud...". Each student in the building is given the opportunity to participate in the video at some point during the school year. A committee member makes an announcement at 2:45 on Friday, announcing the video has been sent to each teacher, and our classrooms watch it as our launch for the week. At the end of the school year the committee interviews 3rd grade candidates for new positions the following year.

Kindergarten Learning Project
During the 2015-16 school year, Mrs. Goecke's kindergarten class planted ghords at Noah's Garden. This year they harvested them and sold them to staff members. With the profits the students decided to ask our school of any needs she had. Nurse Lesa indicated the need for warm sweat pants for students.

Second Grade Learning Project
Our second grade students designed a tee shirt to sell to our students and staff. The profits, over $800, will be used to purchase food for Cubbies Cupboard.