Nevada Community Resource Center


Chris Burling

NCRC Director

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NCRC Assistant Director



Welcome to the Nevada Community Resource Center!

Mission Statement
To enhance child and family well-being

NCRC Vision
“Through innovation, collaboration, and
cooperation, we will promote services that provide
the tools needed to enhance family well-being and
community partnerships.”

The Nevada Community Resource Center is committed to serving families in our community by
providing a before and after school program, preschool wrap around program and childcare
services during scheduled no school days. These services are available for children enrolled in the
preschool program through 6th grade. The NCRC staff will provide a safe, nurturing,
and structured environment that will ensure quality care for your child. Our activities will promote
positive life skills development in the areas of academics and socialization as well as enhancing
their emotional and physical well-being. Through the combined efforts and support of the
families, staff and community, the NCRC will continue to be an excellent resource for all
involved. Thank you for entrusting your child in our care.