Nevada Community Schools are truly working to create the best learning environment and instruction for all students. In the attempt to improve student learning at Nevada Community Schools, we have the strong belief to personalize and individualize learning for our students. 3rd grade through 8th grade are providing this opportunity for students in the area of math with the approach of self-paced math. In a traditional classroom, students are taught the same material at the same time whether they were developmentally ready for it or not.  The self-paced journey allows individuals to spend more time on concepts that they are struggle in, coach and collaborate with peers and also advance when they are ready, not when the rest of the class is ready to progress.

During a math block, students are still receiving a mini-lesson on grade level Iowa Core concepts but when it is time to work on individual concepts, students progress through online videos and simulations, as well as hands-on activities to have a deep understanding of the concepts. During this time, the teacher works with individuals or small groups of students with similar needs.

Through data collection, our students and staff believe self-paced math is more engaging and motivating. Students also have mentioned they like being able to rewatch instructional videos if they get confused and not having to wait for others to understand something if they already have a concept mastered. We believe this is a great way to provide a personalized and individualized learning environment for our students at all levels.