Nevada Community School District uses a notification system called BrightArrow for all of its mass communications (including calls, texts, and emails).

Contact information is collected from parents/guardians during registration in PowerSchool. If your contact information has changed, you will need to update that information your PowerSchool Parent Portal or contact your building secretary to have this information updated in PowerSchool.

While there is no “list” to sign up for, in order to receive an SMS text, the “opt-in” process must be completed on each cell phone you would like to receive SMS text message.  Please note – notifications are only available to Nevada CSD families, students, and staff.

How to “opt-in” and receive SMS text notifications:

  • The first message you receive from NCSD will have the beginning of our message, but will be followed with “to receive more – please reply YES to this message”.  You just need to reply to that message with yes to receive messages in full (this is due to regulatory limits on how non-opted in numbers receive messages)

  • You can also text message the number 87569 with the word yes to preemptively opt-in.
  • Opting in does not mean that you will immediately start receiving text messages. It simply means that you have indicated your willingness to receive messages from the BrightArrow service. Cell phones must be in PowerSchool to receive a notification from the Nevada Community School District.

  • If you would like to add a new or change a cell phone number to your contact information in PowerSchool, please do so via the PowerSchool Parent Portal, or contact your building secretary.

  • There is no fee from Nevada Community School District and/or BrightArrow for SMS text messages, however, recipients may be charged for receiving district messages depending on the type of monthly plan they have with their wireless provider.