These guidelines are intended to provide guidance for consistent and appropriate use of the Cub identity and style. If this guide doesn’t provide the information you need, please contact the district at

Items denoted as official are to convey a uniform and consistent branding for Nevada Community School District.


The use of Nevada logos are restricted to school-sanctioned functions.  Any other party wishing to use the logo on merchandise, etc. need to contact the district for permission.  Use of any of the Nevada logos must conform to applicable trademarks and policies, including Board Policy 713.  For permission to use logos, please contact the district at  Any use of generic cub paw logos are not permitted or any attempt to create a logo in similar form to the Nevada Cub Paw are also not permitted. Modifying logos in any way is not permitted (adding shadows, changing colors, adding text, etc).

Vector files are available upon request.

Cub Paw – Purple (png) Cub paw purple
Cub Paw – White (png) Cub paw white
Cub Paw – Gold (png) Cub paw gold
District Combination Mark Logo (png) District Logo 2017
District Logo (png) District Logo N 2017
District Learner Outcome Logos (png) Visioning Individualized Learners   Visioning Collaborators   Visioning Whole Indivdual   Visioning World Changers


Below are various photos of school facilities, etc. that are allowed for reproduction to represent the District.

District Photos


These colors are the ‘official’ school colors used in signage, documents, etc. throughout the district.  Use of any other shade of purple or gold to represent the district is not permitted.

  HEX Value RGB Value Pantone
Purple #4b116f 75,17,111 2617 C
Gold #ffcc00 255,204,0 124 C


These fonts are the ‘official’ fonts used in signage, documents, etc. throughout the district.  Use of any other fonts to represent the district is not permitted.  In the case of these fonts not being available, Calibri is an acceptable substitute, but only in those cases.

District Font (Web, letterhead, academics) – Exo
District alternate font (Logo, other applicable locations) – Gotham
Athletic Font – Berthold City Medium