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The activity director is directly responsible to the principal.  The primary responsibility of the activity director is the administration and supervision of the interscholastic activities program in the District.  The activity director’s duties will be those described in their job description and any others as designated.  They will provide the leadership necessary for the day‐to‐day operation of the athletic department.

It will be the main function of the principal, assistant principal or designee to be responsible for all the duties that have to do with the spectators at the event.  Special features at any athletic event will be the responsibility of the activity director.  The principal will also be in close touch with the athletic program in their assigned area and exercise supervision over all phases of it.

Problems, new ideas, equipment, practice times, etc., will be discussed first with the activity director, the principal, and then if necessary, the superintendent.  The adding or discontinuing of a particular sport and changes in the number and/or assignments of the coaching staff will be handled in the same manner as above with final approval by the Board.

All coaches in the District will be referred to as head coaches or assistant coaches of the various sports.  In any one sport there will be at least one head coach and all other coaches in the particular sport will be assistant varsity coaches, or assistant coaches, or Middle School coaches.   Assignments of coaching duties will be a function of the administrative personnel.  Co‐coaches acting as head coach in one varsity sport will be approved by the Board.

The District shall observe the eligibility rules of the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union, and the Iowa High School Athletic Association, and Iowa Department of Education.

The head coach may, subject to review by the activity director and administration, establish training and conduct rules that the head coach feels necessary for the welfare of the students and the program.  These rules will be approved by the activity director prior to the start of an activity and presented to the participating students and parents.

It is the responsibility of the activity director, in conjunction with the building principal and superintendent to develop administrative regulations for implementing this policy.

Approved: May 4, 1990

Reviewed: May 6, 2024

Revised: November 28, 2011