Nevada School Board Goals for 2023-2024

  1. Focus on student achievement by allocating resources to improve the quality of instruction through innovative teaching methods, professional development, and technology.
    1. Personalized Learning
      1. Staff Development
        1. Continue to encourage staff to seek out outreach and presentation opportunities to tell the story of the District’s innovative initiatives
        2. Continue to promote leadership opportunities in statewide organizations/committees
        3. Continue to support staff resources and collaboration regarding Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s), Authentic Intellectual Work (AIW), Standards-Based Grading (SBG), Capturing Kids’ Hearts (CKH), and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL).
      2. Implement & Expand Business Collaboration & School-to-Work (Nevada CORE – Career Occupational Related Experiences)
        1. Expand student opportunities via trades programs.
        2. Implement & Expand Regional Programming Opportunities
          1. LAUNCH, Internships, Student-Led Enterprises
          2. Story County School Districts
          3. DMACC
          4. Ames Chamber of Commerce
          5. Registered Apprenticeships
      3. Expand District & Regional Supports for ELL Students & Families
      4. Expand Distance Learning opportunities and platforms
    2. Support ongoing collaboration with community partners – City, School, Mainstreet, NEDC
    3. Maintain a 5-year plan for PPEL & SAVE funding
    4. Provide support and resources to ensure that our students are ready for college-level courses.
    5. Finance
      1. Maintain a minimum solvency ratio of 10%
      2. Maintain a salary/benefit cost ratio of 80%
      3. Maintain percentage of unspent balance to max spending authority of 10-20%
      4. Maintain a ledger of revenue in excess of expenditures
      5. Maintain a competitive base wage and benefit package for all District employees
      6. Maintain a comprehensive and affordable health insurance package
      7. Accelerate debt payment as funding allows