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600 Goals & Objectives of the Education Program
601 General Organization
     601.1      School Calendar
     601.2      School Day
     601.3      School Organization
602 Curriculum Development
     602.1      Curriculum Development
     602.2      Curriculum Implementation
     602.3      Curriculum Evaluation
     602.4      Pilot – Innovative Projects
603 Instructional Curriculum
     603.1      Basic Instruction Program
     603.2      Summer School Instruction
     603.3      Special Education
          603.3R1           Plan for the Integration of Students with Disabilities
          603.3R2           Special Education Tuitioned-In Students
          603.3R3           Student Identification
          603.3R4           Pre-Evaluation Activities
          603.3R5           Non-Discriminatory Evaluation
          603.3R6           Comprehensive Evaluations
          603.3R7           Placement Procedures
          603.3R8           Individual Education Program
          603.3R9           Services
          603.3R10           Confidentiality
          603.3R11           Due Process
          603.3R12           Students Enrolled In Non-Public Schools
     603.4      Multicultural & Nonsexist Education
     603.5      Health Education
     603.6      Physical Education
     603.7      Career Education
     603.8      Teaching About Religion
          603.8R1           Teaching About Religion Regulation – Religious Holidays
     603.9      Academic Freedom
          603.9R1           Teaching Controversial Issues
     603.10      Global Education
     603.11      Citizenship
     603.12      Adult Education
     603.13      English as a Second Language
     603.14      Athletic Program
     603.15      Extra-Curricular Activities
604 Alternative Programs
     604.1      Private Instruction
     604.2      Individualized Instruction
     604.3      Program for Talented & Gifted Students
     604.4      Program for At-Risk Students
     604.5      Religion-Based Exclusion from a School Program
     604.6      Instruction at a Post-Secondary Educational Institution
     604.7      Dual Enrollment
     604.8      Foreign Exchange Students
     604.10      On-Line Courses
605 Instructional Materials
     605.1      Instructional Materials Selection
          605.1R1           Instructional Materials Selection Regulation
     605.2      Instructional Materials Inspection
     605.3      Objection to Instructional Materials
          605.3E1           Instructions to the Reconsideration Committee
          605.3E2           Reconsideration of Instructional Materials
          605.3E3           Sample Letter to Individual Challenging Instructional Or Library Materials
          605.3E4           Request to prohibit a student from checking out specific library materials
          605.3E5           Request to Prohibit a Student from Accessing Specific Instructional and Library Materials
          605.3R1           Reconsideration of Instructional Materials Regulation
     605.4      Technology & Instructional Materials
     605.5      School Library
     605.6      Appropriate Use of Technology & Internet
          605.6R1           Technology & Internet – Appropriate Use Regulation
          605.6R2           Use of Recording Devices on Property
     605.7      Use of Information Resources
          605.7R1           Use of Information Resources Regulation
     605.8     Artificial Intelligence in the Education Environment
          605.8R1           Artificial Intelligence in the Education Environment Regulation
     605.9     Musical Instrument Display Night
606 Instructional Arrangements
     606.1      Class Size – Class Grouping
     606.2      School Ceremonies & Observances
     606.4      Student Production of Materials & Services
     606.5      Student Field Trips
          606.5R1           Charges for Bus Transportation
     606.6      Insufficient Classroom Space
     606.7      Homework
     606.8      Student Travel Outside the United States
607 Instructional Services
     607.1      Student Guidance & Counseling Program
     607.2      Student Health Services
          607.2R1           Student Health Services Regulation