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The primary purpose of District property is to deliver and provide a quality education program.   Resources for District property are limited; therefore, each user must use and operate District property with the utmost of care.  Employees may use District property for any school purpose or activity held during the school day or for a school‐sponsored event.

Employees may use District property under the limits of the District property use guidelines when it does not interfere with the delivery of the education program and is not used for profit.   An employee’s request will not supersede a prior request.  The employee will be responsible for ensuring that the property is returned to the control of the District in the condition in which the property was found.  Use of District‐owned property for non‐school sponsored events is not permissible unless approved by the superintendent or a designee.

District‐owned vehicles and laptop computers are a separate categories of District property.   Employee use of such District‐owned vehicles and laptop computers will be limited to District business only and may be subject to specific regulations established by the superintendent.

Requested by Hunt, Kain & Associates, P.C., District auditors

Approved: July 1, 2004

Reviewed: October 14, 2013

Revised: March 22, 2010