The Nevada Community School district has partnered with YSS, a United Way-funded program, for student mentoring opportunities.

The YSS School-Based Mentoring Program gives hope and opportunity to children in the community by providing caring, positive adult role models. Students are referred to YSS by a teacher, school counselor or family member. There are also times when a child requests a mentor on his or her own. The reasons behind wanting a mentor vary, and may include academic difficulty, social challenges or issues affecting life at home.

School-Based Mentoring reaches children in elementary and middle school (grades k-8).

Matched to Make a Difference

child counseling servicesFrom high school and college students, to business professionals, retirees and more, individuals from all walks of life are welcome to volunteer as a mentor. To ensure the best possible outcome for the children in the program, we require mentors to make a commitment of at least one school year to the child they are matched with. The mentoring relationship is a mutual commitment to a long-term friendship that develops through weekly meetings of 30-60 minutes. Sessions take place at the child’s school.

Get Started!

Adult Application to Become a Mentor

High School Student Application to Become a Mentor

  • Once all background and reference checks are completed, a mentoring facilitator will contact you to arrange an orientation session.
  • Your mentee will be assigned, and the assigned mentoring facilitator will help you plan and schedule your weekly visits.