The town of Nevada, Iowa was settled in 1853 by Johnson Edgar.  Its name, Nevada (pronounced

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na-VAY-da), was proposed by Joseph Thrift after the Sierra Nevada mountains.

According to records, the first classes were held in private homes until November of 1858 at which time the first school building was occupied.  Official organization of the school district occured in 1867.

District Organization

Year Event
1867 Organized as an Independent School District
1958 Reorganized with Shipley and Nevada Township to form Nevada Community School District
1959 Reorganized with part of North Grant District
1960 Reorganized with Richland Township and Fernald Districts
1961 Reorganized with Milford Township Consolidated District

Building Construction & Renovation Timeline

Year Event
1858 First school building constructed, area of Fifth Street and I Avenue
1876 Construction of North part of Old Central
1882 Construction of South part of Old Central
1896 Dana (North) School constructed
1899 West School constructed
1908 Science Building to the South of Old Central (known later as the Band & Shop building)
1917 High School Building (known later as the Junior High)
1923 Milford School constructed (Gym added in 1956)
1938 Fieldhouse constructed
1955 Addition to South of Elementary
1962 Senior High School constructed
1967 Addition to North of Elementary, Old Central and Science Building razed
1977 Senior High School Addition
1987 Central Elementary West Addition (Library)
1988 Transportation Facility constructed
1991 Middle School constructed
2005 NCRC Building purchased
2008 Central Elementary renovation, addition
2009 High School renovation, addition
2012 Josephine Tope Auditorium constructed
2014 Cub Stadium Renovated
2019 Baseball moves from Billy Sunday Field at 4H grounds to new complex at SCORE Park
2021 Gates Memorial Hall purchased from the City of Nevada for use as District Offices & Public Meeting Venue

Disposition of Buildings

Year Event
1962 Closed Fernald
1965 Closed North School, Sold West School
1966 Sold North School
1967 Closed Old Central, Closed Shipley
1970 Sold Shipley School
1971 Sold North Grant School
1988 Closed Old Transportation Facility
1989 Sold Old Transportation Facility
1991 Closed, Sold Milford School