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While curriculum development has been an important part of the District’s history, with the adoption of the Iowa Core Curriculum (the Core) by the Iowa Department of Education, the focus for all curriculum work will be the Core.  The District will continue to adopt and adapt any changes made at the state level to the Core.

The Superintendent or Designee, along with a professional development committee made up of teachers and administrators, will be responsible for determining the most effective method of providing professional development for the implementation of the Core. The following procedures will be a part of the professional development for the staff of the District:

  • Study the domains, clusters, standards and benchmarks of the Core;
  • Study the 21st Century Skills;
  • Study the Characteristics of Effective Instruction;
  • Identify changes in teaching to implement the Core with fidelity;
  • Communicate with the public regarding the Core;
  • Involve staff, parents, students, and community members in decisions made regarding the Core via the School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC);
  • Verify integration of local, state, and/or federal mandates (MCNS, school ‐to‐work, etc.).

It is the responsibility of the Superintendent or Designee to keep the Board apprised of the implementation of the Core in the District.

Approved: July 1, 1989

Reviewed: June 14, 2001

Revised: May 26, 2015