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Classified employees may be eligible for group insurance benefits as determined by the Board and required by law.  The Board will select the group insurance program and the insurance company which will provide the program.

Classified employees who work 20 hours per week are eligible to participate in the group health insurance plan.  Part‐time classified employees who wish to purchase insurance coverage may participate in group insurance programs by meeting the requirements of the insurer. Classified employees who wish to purchase insurance coverage for their spouse or dependents may do so by meeting the requirements of the insurer.

Long‐term disability insurance is paid for employees working 40 hours per week for 12 months.

Any new full‐time employee employed by the District will be required to select one of the group health insurance benefit plans.  When the benefit plan cost is greater than the monthly contribution, the employee may authorize the District to reduce his/her salary by an amount equal to the insurance premium.  In that event, the District will pay such amounts for the benefit premium.  When the benefit cost is less than the monthly contribution, the employee may use the excess amount to either purchase a Tax Sheltered Annuity (TSA) or take the amount as an addition to his/her salary.

The difference between the monthly contribution and the amount that an employee may receive if he/she does not wish to participate in the District’s benefit plans will be combined into a pool times the 12 months of the school year for that group of employees, maintenance or secretarial.  This pool of money will be determined by the difference in the number of employees who are enrolled in the benefit plans and the number of members of the maintenance or secretarial groups on the first day of school.

Pool monies = [(number of insurance eligible employees in each group) – (number   of employees enrolled in District’s benefit plans)] times (difference in District’s   monthly benefit contribution and the appropriate amount from the paragraph   above) times (12 months)

This pool of money will be distributed to all employees of each group evenly, based on their full‐ time equivalency.  This pool will also include appropriate FICA and IPERS payments.  This payment to employees will be made as two payments on the first Friday of the months of December and April.  Beginning with the 2010‐11 school year, the increase in the monthly benefit paid to maintenance and secretarial employees for group insurance will be taken from this pool of money.  The maintenance and secretarial employees will receive the remainder of the pool of money after being adjusted for group insurance benefit increases.

The District may refuse an individual’s election of an increase in salary in order to meet a carrier’s   minimum group size requirements.  Determinations made for this purpose shall be on the basis of seniority.

This policy statement does not guarantee a certain level of benefits.  The Board will have the authority and right to change or eliminate group insurance programs for its classified employees.

Cross Reference:

411.1 Classified Employee Defined

Approved: May 4, 1990

Reviewed: April 1, 2024

Revised: October 25, 2010