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The district believes that to adequately prepare modern learners for the future, advances in technology should first be explored within the education environment. At its most simple, generative artificial intelligence (AI) is automation based on association. AI tools analyze large amounts of information and detect patterns using that information to draw a conclusion. The AI tools then improve the conclusions drawn based upon additional data reviewed, patterns found, and prior conclusions drawn. Generative AI for the education environment has the potential to automate classroom organizational tasks, enhance individualized student learning, teaching, assessment of student learning, and even enhance research and professional development for educators.

However, generative AI tools can be vulnerable to inaccuracy in some significant ways. AI tools can: have bias in how the tools detect patterns; detect patterns/draw conclusions based on inaccurate data; and may not be fully accessible to students to differing abilities. It is valuable for students to understand the potential uses and limitations of this imperfect technology in an educational environment where AI tools have been carefully selected and are monitored and reviewed within appropriate guidelines. For this reason, human oversight and decision making must lead the selection, use, and review of AI tools in the education environment.

Only humans can verify the accuracy of AI tools and apply proper context to any information generated from them. AI tools will never be the sole determining factor used to make decisions related to student learning, assessment, academic integrity, and behavior. All decisions must be made by appropriate licensed staff and based upon a holistic analysis of available evidence.

Privacy must be protected when using generative AI tools. AI draws conclusions based on analysis of data. No personally identifiable information about other students or staff will be shared with AI tools, without prior written consent from the parent or guardian of the student, or from the student/staff if applicable. Permission must be granted prior to students using open-source AI tools that may share information outside the tool itself, and with any entities outside the control of the privacy terms and conditions of the AI tool.

Use of AI tools by students and staff will be at all times appropriate to the educational environment and subject to all applicable laws, regulations and policies. This includes but is not limited to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, Children’s Internet Protection Act, and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule; as well as district policies on student conduct, copyright protections, student records, personnel records, bullying and harassment, and staff/student expression.

The Superintendent, working in collaboration with relevant staff, will develop regulations necessary to carry out the intent of this policy.

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Cross Reference:

104 Anti-Bullying/Harassment 
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Approved: February 5, 2024

Reviewed: May 6, 2024