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The Board encourages licensed employees to attend and participate in professional development activities to maintain, develop, and extend their skills.  The Board will maintain and support an in‐service program for licensed employees.

Requests for attendance or participation in a professional development program, other than those development programs sponsored by the District, are made to the superintendent or designee.  Approval of the superintendent or designee must be obtained prior to attendance by a licensed employee in a professional development program when the attendance would result in the licensed employee being excused from their duties or when the District pays the expenses for the program.

The superintendent or designee will have sole discretion to allow or disallow employees to attend or participate in the requested event.  When making this determination, the superintendent or designee will consider the value of the program for the licensed employee and the District, the effect of the licensed employee’s absence, on the education program and District operations and the District’s financial situation as well as other factors deemed relevant in the judgment of the superintendent or designee.

The requirements stated in the Master Contract between employees in that certified collective bargaining unit and the Board regarding the professional development of such employees will be followed.

Legal Reference:

Iowa Code § 279.8 (2003).

281 I.A.C. 12.7.

Cross Reference:

414.9 Classified Employee Professional Leave

Approved: July 1, 1989

Reviewed: March 26, 2001

Revised: August 23, 2010