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The District’s collection of personal information video recording systems enables the District to comply with its responsibilities as set out in Iowa Code Chapter 279, as well as the discharge of duties by its employees.

The District will act in a responsible manner with respect to the notice, access, disclosure, retention, security and disposal of the personal information that is collected, in accordance with Iowa’s Open Records Act.

The following principles will govern the use of video recording systems in the District:

  • Only individuals authorized by the Superintendent in accordance with policy will have access to video monitors or be permitted to operate controls.
  • Access will be used to assist and support the investigation of serious incidents.  Access will also be used by the Administration or its designee for purposes of regular system checks.
  • The Superintendent or designee will approve the location or relocation of cameras on District property.  Cameras must not be relocated without the express written permission of the Superintendent or a designee.
  • Cameras will be operated continuously.  All recorded images are the property of the District.
  • Cameras will monitor common areas and school buses but will not monitor the inside of changing rooms, locker rooms, or restrooms.
  • In order to ensure continuity of the images and protection of recorded date, the video recorder/server must be stored in a secure location.  Web‐based recording will have restricted access.
  • Video surveillance will not be used for evaluative observations of instructional staff.  The District may use video surveillance of students, staff, and others to detect or deter criminal offenses that occur in view of the camera.  Video recordings of students, staff, or others may be reviewed or audited for the purpose of determining adherence to District policies, procedures, and work rules.
  • The Director of Transportation or designee will be responsible for review of camera recordings on school buses and will determine when recordings will be shared with appropriate school administration.
  • Remote access will also be used by the Superintendent or designee for purposes of regular system checks.
  • Notice signs will be installed where video surveillance systems exist.
  • Any inadvertent disclosure of personal information collected by video surveillance will be reported to the Superintendent for further action.