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District buses shall not stop to load or unload pupils unless there is at least three hundred feet of unobstructed vision in each direction, except to the extent that reduced visibility is caused by fog, rain, snow or other weather conditions.  The buses will not operate when weather conditions due to fog, rain, snow or other natural elements make it unsafe to do so.  Because weather conditions may vary from one portion of the district to another and may change rapidly, the best judgment will be used that is possible with all available information.

The final decision as to when conditions are unsafe to operate buses will be made by the superintendent of schools or his/her designee with the aid of the director of transportation and from “on location” radio reports of bus drivers should they be on their routes.  A driver may assume the responsibility of discontinuing the operation of his/her route when in the driver’s opinion it is unsafe because of inclement weather conditions.

When school is canceled because of weather anywhere in the district, all schools will be closed.   School employees, students and parents will be notified by commercial radio and cablevision when school is canceled, temporarily delayed or emergency routes are in operation.  Parents will be asked to choose a designated location for pick up or delivery prior to the emergency routes being utilized.

Whenever the Story County Engineer’s Office places an embargo on gravel roads, District buses will run on hard‐surface roads only.  At other times when buses cannot travel on the gravel roads, the District may use hard surface roads only provided that the safety of students is not compromised.

Approved: May 4, 1990

Reviewed: June 12, 2017

Revised: May 14, 2012