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As a service to students and their parents, the District will conduct an annual Musical Display Night.  The purpose of the evening activity is to provide a forum for qualified vendors to present, display, and sell/rent musical instruments and accessories to interested students and their parents.  Participation in the evening’s activities is voluntary on the part of all students and parents.

Nothing in this policy may be considered to mean that any student is required to rent, lease, or purchase a musical instrument from any company qualified as a vendor under these rules.  Also, there is no restriction that students who purchase instruments from vendors other than those qualified to participate in Display Night under this policy will be in any way limited in or discouraged from band participation as a result of their choice to obtain their instrument from some other vending source.  This policy will not remove any student’s obligations to meet the requirements of any other policies made for the purpose of conducting a band program.

The schedule of events and specific activities will be the responsibility of the administration.

The District will solicit participation in the Display Night by requesting all interested vendors or community members to contact the District.  This notice will be published in the fall District newsletter.

All qualified vendors will be allowed to participate in the Display Night activities.  Qualification of each vendor will be determined by the administration based on written criteria.

Approved: May 4, 1990

Reviewed: May 6, 2024

Revised: November 13, 2006