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In the event of a death of a member of a licensed employee’s immediate family, bereavement leave may be granted.  Bereavement leave may be granted to a licensed employee for no more than five days, with “day” being defined as one work day regardless of full‐time or part‐time status of the employee, per occurrence, for the death of a member of the immediate family. The immediate family will be limited to the employee’s spouse, children, parents, sister, brother, foster child or dependent child living in the home, grandchildren, grandparents, brother‐in‐law, sister‐in‐law, son‐in‐law, daughter‐in‐law, father‐in‐law, or mother‐in‐law.

In case of the death of an employee’s family member outside the immediate family, the employee will be granted up to one day leave with pay per occurrence.  In case of the death of a non‐relative, the employee may be granted up to one day leave with pay per year to attend the funeral, subject to District staffing needs.

It is within the discretion of the superintendent to determine the number of bereavement leave days to be granted.

The requirements stated in the Master Contract between employees in that certified collective bargaining unit and the Board regarding the bereavement leave of such employees is followed.

Legal Reference:

Iowa Code §§ 20.9; 279.8 (2003).

Cross Reference:

409 Licensed Employee Vacations and Leaves of Absence

Approved: August 8, 2005

Reviewed: April 1, 2024