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Parent Notification:  When appropriate, the District’s notices to parents will describe the proposed action, explain why it is proposed, describe the options considered, and explain why other options were rejected.  In addition, notices will describe each evaluation procedure, test, record, or report the District uses as a basis for any proposed action.  The Prior Written Notice document is completed after IEP meetings and serves as a summary of the meeting.

As appropriate, notices and the Procedural Safeguards Manual for Parents will also explain that they have access to their student’s educational records and that consent for initial evaluation and placement is voluntary and can be revoked at any time, up until the time that the action has taken place.  Parents will also be notified that in certain circumstances an independent evaluation can be obtained at public expense.

Our notices will also explain the right to a due process hearing before an impartial hearing officer, explain the right to appeal after the hearing, and explain the student’s status during an appeal.

All notices are written in language understandable to the general public, and are in the primary language or mode of communication of the parents.

In order to further facilitate due process procedures, the District will ensure that the parent understands and agrees in writing to the carrying out of the activity for which consent is sought. Parents will be provided, on request, information about where to obtain an independent educational evaluation.  If needed, this independent evaluation will be at no cost to parents. All independent evaluations will be considered when decisions are made in the student’s program. Parents will also be informed of any free or low cost legal or other relevant services available in the area, if the parents request the information.

All of the above information can be found in the Procedural Safeguards Manual for Parents which is given to parents, at a minimum, on an annual basis.