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School groups may be charged for the cost of bus transportation. This charge will be for all miles traveled and not just for those miles exceeding 100.  This charge will include the driver’s wages and benefits and the cost of fuel.  Charges will not include depreciation on the bus, tires, maintenance and insurance.  Nonschool groups will be charged the full costs of operating the bus.  The District transportation department will determine the costs of operating the bus.

School groups who compete in state competitions on behalf of the District will not be charged for transportation.

Out‐of‐state trips are not considered school trips.  Therefore, the use of school buses for out‐of‐ state trips is highly discouraged.  Out‐of‐state trips require adherence to interstate commerce regulations which require additional permits as well as the maintenance of driver logs.  Border towns such as Galena and Moline, Illinois, and Omaha, Nebraska, are excluded from these requirements.

The use of volunteer drivers will be considered on a case‐by‐case basis.  A volunteer driver must be approved by the Board as a licensed driver for the District.

This regulation applies to student groups and is not applicable to the use of cars and vans for staff purposes.  The use of cars and vans for student trips will be considered on a case‐by‐case basis; these trips may be subject to the cost of operating the vehicle and the cost of a driver if that person is not a paid staff member or volunteer.