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All persons riding in District vehicles will adhere to the following rules.  The driver, sponsor or chaperones are to follow the school bus discipline procedure for student violations of this policy.   Audio/video cameras may be in operation on the school buses.

  1. Bus riders will be at the designated loading point before the bus arrival time.
  2. Bus riders will wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before attempting to enter.
  3. Riders must not extend arms or heads out of the windows at any time.
  4. Aisles must be kept cleared at all times.
  5. All bus riders will load and unload through the right front door.  The emergency door is for emergencies only.
  6. A bus rider will depart from the bus at the designated point unless written permission to get off at a different location is given to the driver.
  7. A rider may be assigned a seat by the driver.
  8. Riders who damage seats or other equipment will reimburse the District for the cost of the repair or replacement.
  9. Riders are not permitted to leave their seats while the vehicle is in motion.
  10. Waste containers are provided on all buses for bus riders’ use.
  11. Permission to open windows must be obtained from the driver.
  12. Classroom conduct is to be observed by students while riding the bus except for ordinary conversation.
  13. The driver is in charge of the students and the vehicle.
  14. Students will assist in looking after the safety and comfort of younger students.
  15. A bus rider who must cross the roadway to board or depart from the bus will pass in front of the bus (no closer than 10 feet), look in both directions and proceed to cross the road or highway only on signal from the driver.
  16. Students will not throw objects within or out of the vehicle.
  17. Shooting paper wads, squirt guns or other material in the vehicle is not permitted.
  18. Students will keep feet off the seats.
  19. Roughhousing in the vehicle is prohibited.
  20. Students will refrain from crowding or pushing.
  21. The use or possession of alcohol, tobacco or look‐alike substances is prohibited in the vehicle.
  22. The possession of weapons or look‐alike items is prohibited in the vehicle.
  23. The Good Conduct Rule is in effect.