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The Board assumes that a classified employee will not ask to be excused from work except in cases of illness or very important personal business that cannot be transacted at other times.   Leaves of absence may be used as specified in this policy or in the following policies in subseries 414.

Immediate Family Leave:  Up to three days’ leave may be granted for serious illness in the immediate family requiring hospitalization including post‐hospitalization.  Illness is not considered serious unless hospitalization is taking place.

Immediate family includes husband, wife, child, mother, father, sister, brother, foster person or dependent person, grandchild, grandparent, brother‐in‐law, sister‐in‐law, son‐in‐law, daughter‐ in‐law, and father or mother of spouse.

Approved: May 4, 1990

Reviewed: April 1, 2024

Revised: May 9, 2005