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Class A – School/Community
School or District Affiliated Groups/Activities

  • School clubs, activities, athletics, boosters, PTO’s, classroom activities
Nevada Parks and Recreation
Nevada Youth Groups/Leagues ‐ No charge if:

  • Participants are all Nevada School District youth.
  • Group is responsible for trash, field maintenance, and supervision or custodial fees as needed.
  • Per request, are able to report financial information to Board and/or District officials.
Board‐approved community/District education activities, groups, and Organizations
Community social, civic, or service organizations sponsoring moneymaking activities with ALL proceeds directly benefiting the schools
Request for National, State and Local elections
Class B – Internal Clients – In District / Non-profit Clients
Insurance may be required 
In‐District and/or non‐profit organizations, residents or businesses that serve the interests of the Nevada Community.

  • Hourly charge and fee can be waived at school discretion
Class C – External Clients – Out of District / For-profit Clients
Insurance is Required
Out‐of‐district organizations.  Private interest/sector groups, for‐ profit organizations, higher‐ education institutions, and social groups.

  • One‐hour minimum charge and fee can be waived at school discretion
Fees (hourly
Class A Class B Class C
Auditorium (Tope/Gates) No Charge $20 $30
Board Room No Charge $15 $20
Commons No Charge $15 $20
Library/Media Center No Charge $15 $20
Wrestling Room No Charge $15 $20
Gymnasium / Fieldhouse No Charge $20 $30
Outdoor Facilities No Charge $20 $30
Kitchen (supervisor required) No Charge $30 $30

Additional charges for personnel costs are as follows and applied as needed:

  1. Building Supervisor: $15.00/hour – Needed when building is closed or large activity.
  2. Custodial Staff: Custodian – $30.00/hour.
  3. Technology Use: Charge depends on request.
  4. Technician: $20/hour – Needed to run sound/light board in auditorium
  5. Kitchen Staff Supervisor – Required for Kitchen Rental – $30.00/hour
    ** Custodian fees MAY be waived if they are also responsible for supervision.

Facility Request Procedure

  1. Facilities will be requested through the online Facility Scheduler program.  It can be accessed from the District web page under any of the school tabs.
  2. Gyms will only be able to be reserved a month ahead of time.
  3. Priority will be given to all school‐sponsored activities followed by city park/rec.
  4. Priority will be given to outside teams whose sport is in‐season.
  5. When scheduling a gym, you will be allowed to request up to one hour of time, starting on the hour (ie. 7 P.M. to 8 P.M., not 7:30 P.M. to 8:30 P.M.), and only half of the gym (ie. High School Field House – East Half).
  6. When you schedule half of the gym, the other half will be open for another group to schedule so it is likely you will be sharing the gym.
  7. The Activities Office will make final approval.  The requester will receive an email upon the approval or denial of the request.
  8. If you do not have a school employee to let you in the building, you will need to come to the High School Activities Office and fill out a key fob request.
  9. We expect that you will leave the facility in the same condition or better condition as you found it upon arrival.
  10. For indoor facilities, appropriate indoor equipment will be used (ie. real baseballs are not to be used in the gym).
  11. The District reserves the right to cancel or postpone any activity due to conflict, disregard of policies, or other uncontrollable circumstances, including Class A activities. If approval has been given to a group to use facilities and it is later determined that the facilities will not be available, notice of cancellation or change of venue shall be given to the applicant as soon as possible with reasons for the cancellation or change of venue. The designated building supervisors (facility coordinators, building supervisors, custodians, technicians, and food service, etc.) on duty have the right to terminate any activity at any time due to violations of Board policies and rules, or federal, state or municipal laws, or if the activity is deemed to be hazardous to people, buildings, or equipment.

Facility Use Guidelines

  1. The group representative must be an adult and present during the time the facilities are being used.
  2. The group’s representative will be responsible for the following of all regulations for facility usage by his/her group.
    1. The group representative will be the first inside the facility and the last to leave; making sure the facility is left in the same condition as it was before entering.
    2. The facility must be used only for the purpose that it was originally intended as set forth on the facility request form.
    3. The group representative is responsible for communicating to the group members and for ensuring that group members understand and follow those guidelines and communications.
    4. The group representative is responsible for reporting any personal injuries received by any group member while using district facilities. The group representative should contact the Building Office. If this happens on a Saturday or Sunday, then the representative must call first thing Monday morning.
    5. The group representative is responsible for reporting any damage or theft to the building or equipment following the same guidelines. District personnel on duty should also be notified.
    6. If a supervisor is on duty, the group representative should make himself or herself known to that person. If no supervisor is on duty, then you should make yourself known to the custodian on duty. The group representative is responsible for seeing that all debris is picked up from the area and that all is returned to the way it was prior to use.
  3. The group representative should make a preliminary‐use check of the facility prior to their use. If anything that will be used is damaged, contact the custodian/supervisor on duty.
  4. All equipment used or moved must be returned to the proper place in original condition.
    1. The group representative is responsible for knowing fire and tornado procedures for directing the group in the event of an emergency.
  5. The renter assumes financial responsibility individually on behalf of the organization being represented for any part of the school or contents made available therein that may be damaged or stolen during the hours the building was in use by the organization.
  6. The renter shall be liable for any and all loss, damage or injury sustained by any person that by reason of the negligence of the renter. The renter shall indemnify and hold harmless the school district from any and all loss, damage or injury.
  7. The following specific regulations are to be maintained:
    1. Food and beverages are permitted in designated areas only. Not allowed in Gyms or Auditorium.
    2. The use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs in any form shall be prohibited from all school grounds.
    3. All school buildings, grounds, and vehicles of the district are tobacco/nicotine‐free. Persons failing to abide will be asked to leave the school premises. It is the responsibility of the renter to enforce this policy during usage.
  8. Specific Room Regulations shall be as follows:
    1. Auditorium
      1. Groups requesting use of the auditorium will list in detail their equipment requests.
      2. Any sound or light technicians will be at the user’s expense and only District‐approved staff may use the sound and light equipment.
      3. Absolutely no food or beverages in the auditorium. Food and beverages will be allowed in the foyer/lobby area.
      4. Video and/or audio recording by outside parties is permitted with permission obtained from the District at a minimum of 4 weeks before the event. Recordings must comply with all applicable local and state copyright laws. The individual(s) doing the recording must coordinate with the District 2 weeks prior to the event.
      5. All production requirements must be approved by the District. Technical needs such as sound, light, stage settings and props should be submitted in writing and discussed with the District a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the production. Please consult the District before delivering any equipment, props, costumes, sets or supplies. Members of the presenting organization must arrive at the time indicated on the facility use request. Under no circumstances is any member of the presenting organization allowed in the building without a district‐approved designee on site.
      6. No outside tape (scotch, duct, painters, gaffers, etc.) will be permitted in the auditorium facility including lobby, dressing rooms, backstage, stage floor. You may obtain rolls of the allowed tape from the District, at district cost and added to the event bill, so that the proper tape may be used as to not damage the facility. If the outside tape is found to be used, users will be asked to remove it immediately and charged for any damage to the facility.
      7. Items will not be attached to or hung from the curtains or walls of the facility. Lobby signs may be allowed with advance permission from the District. Backdrops hung from curtain rigging are permitted with prior permission from the District no less than 4 weeks prior to the event. If items are found, users will be asked to remove them immediately and charged for any damage to the facility.
      8. Glitter, costumes containing glitter, or set pieces including glitter will not be permitted. If glitter is found to have been used, extra charges for cleaning may be incurred.
    2. Kitchens‐ Complete listing of kitchen needs must be provided prior to approval. Additional costs may be included, dependent upon needs. A Kitchen Staff Supervisor is required.
    3. Classrooms‐ Activities will be scheduled to appropriate classrooms. Teachers will be notified prior to community use to ensure storage of materials. Users will be expected to respect the teachers’ and students’ equipment, supplies, and materials. Users also will be expected to leave the classroom in the same condition as they found it.
    4. IMC’S‐ Media Centers may be used for approved programs, meetings, and quiet study. Materials are not to be used or removed from the media centers. A media center supervisor may be assigned at the expense of the requester.
    5. Gymnasiums‐ These rooms will be reserved for purposes and activities appropriate to the facility. The following guidelines are to be observed for gym use:
      1. Gym shoes are required for participants in all sports and games
      2. No beverages in the gym
      3. No dance enhancing products are to be used on gym floors
      4. No bouncing balls in halls or off ceilings
      5. No leaning into volleyball nets
      6. No wearing shoes that mark any floor, such as rollerblades, shoes with wheels, or cleats
      7. No climbing or playing on bleachers (Custodians will take care of moving the bleachers in and out.)
      8. No propping open doors (fire code)
      9. No use of tape on floor unless gym‐tape prior approval is received from Building Office.
      10. No pushing/pulling of tables, chairs, or other equipment across gym floors
      11. Return gym to condition it was left in (do not push in/pull out bleachers)
      12. Group Representative is responsible for following the Gym Usage Guidelines.
  9. The primary purpose of equipment in a school is the education of students by District staff; however, the use of school equipment may be allowed. All requests are to be completed on the District Facility Scheduler.
    1. Upon receiving specific request, the District will clear the availability and use through the local school building. A fee may be charged, dependent upon request.
    2. The requester will be responsible for the supervision and operation of requested equipment. Any loss or damage to the equipment shall be the full obligation of the borrower.
  10. Children are not allowed to roam or play in halls. They are to be supervised by adults in all places and at all times.
  11. If special arrangements need to be made concerning keys the Building Office will notify the group representative as to where to pick them up and when. The group representative will be responsible for them and will be required to sign them in and out.
  12. Emergency Procedures
    1. Weather related closings/cancellations
      1. If school is cancelled for the day, dismissed early, or all PM activities are cancelled, all rentals/usage for that day are cancelled.
      2. If the weather takes a turn for the worst after school dismisses or on a Saturday or Sunday, the District may cancel all late afternoon, evening, or weekend activities.
    2. Fire Alarm/Tornado Siren will be adhered to when sounded. During a fire alarm all participants in the building are REQUIRED to leave the building until the fire department, custodian, or building supervisor gives the all clear. Even if known that it is false alarm, participants must leave the building. If tornado sirens go off, then participants must take shelter in appropriate locations, marked on map of the school, which is located in each usage area. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may cause inability for future usage.
  13. Any request can be denied by District administration.
  14. Notification of Change/Cancellation‐ All groups who do not show for their scheduled time and who do not notify the District of cancellation prior to their scheduled use shall be charged all costs of original contracted usage, including usage and personnel.
  15. Proof of insurance will be needed for Class B and Class C clients at least one week prior to their use of the facility.