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The district will create and the board will approve a plan to assess levels of radon gas present in district attendance centers. Funding for any costs related to radon testing or mitigation will be paid from the state school foundation aid received to the district or from revenues received from the Secure an Advanced Vision for Education fund.

Each district attendance center will undergo a short-term test for the presence of radon gas at least once by July 1, 2027. Short-term test means a test using a device that remains in an area for two to seven days to determine the amount of radon in the air.

Radon testing will be performed by an individual certified to conduct such testing pursuant to Iowa Code section 136B.1 or by district employees who have completed a school radon testing training program approved by the Iowa Department of Education and the Iowa Department of Public Health.

If the results of any short-term test at an attendance center are at or above four picocuries per liter, the district will conduct a second short term test in spaces with elevated levels within sixty days of the first test. If the averaged test results of the first and second tests are at or above four picocuries per liter, the district will retain an individual credentialed to develop a radon mitigation plan.

The plan may include further diagnostic testing, corrective measures, and active mitigation. The mitigation plan will be completed within two years of first short-term test unless the district plans to abandon or renovate the attendance center within five years and renovation includes radon mitigation.

All new school construction will include radon resistant construction techniques.