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The Board recognizes the value of and supports open, fair and honest communication with the news media.  The Board will maintain a cooperative relationship with the news media.  As part of this cooperative relationship, the Board and the media will develop a means for sharing information while respecting each party’s limitations.

Members of the news media are encouraged and welcome to attend open Board meetings.   The Board President is the spokesperson for the Board, and the superintendent is the spokesperson for the District.  It is the responsibility of the Board President and superintendent to respond to inquiries from the news media about the District.  The superintendent may appoint a designee to respond to the press on specific topics of interest.

Members of the news media seeking information about the District should direct their inquiries to the superintendent.  The superintendent will accurately and objectively provide the facts and Board positions in response to inquiries from the news media about the District.

Employees and students may express personal opinions to member of the news media but may not speak on behalf of the District unless specifically authorized to do so by the superintendent.

Approved: February 26, 2007

Reviewed: February 19, 2024