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This letter and the enclosed report may be transmitted electronically via email or fax, picked up in person, or mailed. If the district and the guardian do not agree on how to transmit this letter, it must be mailed via postage prepaid, first class mail to the guardian within 3 school days of the occurrence.

Dear [Guardian],

Recently, your student [name] was involved in an occurrence at school that required the physical restraint and/or seclusion of your student as defined by 281 Iowa Administrative Code Ch. 103. A report related to this occurrence is enclosed with this letter.

The law requires debriefing meetings be held for such occurrences in the following circumstances:

  • following the first instance of seclusion or physical restraint during a school year;
  • When any personal injury occurs as a part of the use of seclusion or physical restraint;
  • When a reasonable educator would determine a debriefing session is necessary;
  • When suggested by a student’s IEP team;
  • When agreed to by the guardian and school officials; and
  • After seven instances of seclusion or physical restraint of the student.

This letter is intended to inform you that a debriefing meeting will be held on [date within 5 days of transmission of letter, time, place] because of [reason from bulleted list above]. The following employees will be in attendance at this meeting: [list names and titles of employees]. We are inviting you to attend this debriefing meeting to engage with us on topics related to this occurrence.

If you would like to reschedule the debriefing meeting, please contact me as soon as possible via email [email address] or telephone [telephone number], and at least one school day prior to the date and time listed for this debriefing meeting. Your student is allowed to attend this meeting with your consent, and you are welcome to bring a representative of your choosing if you wish. If you plan to bring a representative to this meeting, please let us know at least one school day prior to the meeting so that we have an opportunity to make arrangements.

We look forward to working with you to foster the continued health, safety and educational growth of your student.

___________________________________      ___________________________
[Administrator name], title                               Date

Enclosure: Report related to student occurrence