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  1. Procedural Safeguards:  The Board recognizes that parents and their disabled students have certain rights which are protected under Public Law 94‐142 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.  Among these are the rights:
    1. To a free and appropriate education
    2. To inspect records
    3. To have written notice of plans to identify, evaluate or place
    4. To consent or withhold consent to allow identification, evaluate or place
    5. To an impartial due‐process hearing
    6. To a surrogate parent when necessary
    7. To a multi‐disciplinary evaluation
    8. To confidentiality.
  2. The Procedural Safeguards and Due‐Process Procedure revised and adopted by this Board in May 1982 will constitute the guidelines to be followed by this District in protecting the rights of parents and students with disabilities. B. Recordkeeping:  Annual notice will be given in the fall District newsletter and in the Procedural Safeguards Manual for Parents explaining records policy.  All educational records collected, maintained and used by the District will be available for parental inspection and review without unreasonable delay.  Parents shall be advised of their right to inspect their student’s records, having a listing of the types and location of all records, have a right to a copy of any record for a nominal fee and have an explanation and interpretation of all reports.   Further, parents will have the right to request an amendment of any record which they feel contains inaccurate or misleading information or which violates the privacy or other rights of the student.

    The designated building administrator in each school building will see that records of students are in a locked file and records will be carefully monitored, allowing access to only persons properly authorized.

    Any records having personal information and maintained by the District will be stored in a file and carefully monitored.  Each principal will maintain for public review a list of all employees who have a legitimate educational interest in such records and only those employees will be authorized to see the records.  Each record file will include a list of all persons to whom access was granted, including the name and date access was given and the purpose for such access review.

    The District will obtain parental consent before disclosure of a student’s records to any other agency or person except a school system to which the student has transferred and certain authorized individuals from State and Federal Education Agencies.  Agencies or persons having access to records are not authorized to disclose student records to other agencies or persons without parental consent.

    Before any record of any student is destroyed, parents will be notified.