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Classified employees may accrue one day of sick leave per month during the first year of employment.  At the beginning of the second year of employment, the employee will be granted ten additional days.  Each year thereafter, one additional day of sick leave will be granted to the employee up to a maximum of fifteen days.  “Day” is defined as one workday regardless of full‐ time or part‐time status of the employee.  Sick leave may be accumulated up to a maximum of 115 days for classified employees.  The Board’s philosophy is that sick leave may be only taken for illness.  Seven sick leave days each year may be granted in case of illness of a member of the immediate family, provided the employee has accrued the leave.  Immediate family will be limited to the employee’s spouse, children, foster children, grandchildren, dependent child, parents, sister, or brother.

Classified employees will be allowed up to ten days’ paid leave for adoption, provided the employee has accrued the leave.  This leave will be charged to the employee’s sick leave.

A sick leave bank is available to classified employees on a voluntary basis, beginning the second year of employment.  Sick leave bank days may only be used after the employee’s accumulated sick leave is exhausted and will continue for an additional five contract days during a school year.   Each employee shall contribute one day of sick leave from the current year’s allocation.  The days contributed to the bank become the property of the bank and are non‐returnable to the employee.  Should all sick leave bank days be used in any one school year, no additional days would be granted from the bank.  Assets of the bank will accumulate and carry over from one school year to the next.  Employees are enrolled in the sick leave bank unless the Board Secretary is notified in writing prior to the employee’s sixth contract day.

Should the personal illness occur after or extend beyond the accumulated sick leave, the employee may apply for disability benefits under the group insurance plan.  If an employee does not qualify for disability benefits, the employee may request a leave of absence without pay.

Evidence may be required regarding the mental or physical health of the employee including, but not limited to, confirmation of the following:  the employee’s illness, the need for the illness leave, the employee’s ability to return to work, and the employee’s capability to perform the duties of the employee’s position.  It is within the discretion of the director and superintendent to determine the type and amount of evidence necessary.  When an illness leave will be greater than three consecutive days, the employee will comply with Board policy regarding family and medical leave.

If an employee is eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits, the employee will contact the Board Secretary to implement these benefits.

Classified employees who choose to leave employment with the District must start accumulating sick leave again if they are rehired with the District.  If the employee’s position is eliminated with reduction in force and the employee is rehired, the employee may have accumulated leave from his prior District employment added to the employee’s earned sick leave.

Approved: May 4, 1990

Reviewed: April 1, 2024

Revised: June 22, 2015