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E = Excused Absence – Absences with an OFFICIAL SLIP produced such as a medically documented illness, medically documented appointment, funeral of a family member, court appearances, school‐sponsored activities, or other absences approved by the building principal.   There is no limit to the number of Excused Absences a student may accrue in a school year.

V = Verified Absence – Parent provides written or verbal notification to the school of students absence.  Students are allowed 6 Verified Absences per school year.

U = Unexcused

  • Any student, who after 6 verified absences, does not have an excused absence.
  • Any student who skips any portion of the school day (i.e. Not Excused; Not Verified)
  • Any High School student who sleeps in and is late to school

The parent may verify their student from school for a total of 6 days.  Beyond those 6 days, the student must have an Excused Absence with the appropriate documentation, OR….

Steps towards mediation for excessive absenteeism:

6th Unexcused Absence   = Notification Letter sent to Parents

9th Unexcused Absence = Warning Letter that if Absenteeism doesn’t stop it will be turned over to the County Attorney

12th Unexcused Absence   = Referral for Mediation Hearing with County Attorney