Nevada Community School District’s Summer Feeding Program has been named a Silver “Turnip the Beet” award winner by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, only one of 3 districts in IowaBread ready to be eaten!  This award recognizes outstanding summer meal program sponsors who distinguished themselves with high quality meals that are appetizing, appealing, and wholesome.

Summer meals are critical in the lives of millions of America’s youth, who may not have access to nutritious meals when school meals are not available because school is not in session. However, summer meals are not simply about making sure that those in need have food to eat. In fact, summer meal programs, including the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) and the Seamless Summer Option (SSO) through the NSLP, can positively impact children’s growth and development while also encouraging children to develop healthy habits at a young age. High quality summer meals provide energy day-to-day, and help our young people thrive and return ready to learn in the fall.

Turnip the Beet award winners are summer meal sponsors who are going above and beyond to ensure their meals are both nutritious and appetizing. They showcased their excellence by serving a variety of vegetables and fruits throughout the week; serving whole grains and dairy products; and serving culturally-appropriate meals. Sponsors also conducted taste tests with the children (and incorporated the feedback into the menus); and offered nutrition education activities along with the meals.

A total of 118 sponsors received a bronze, silver or gold award for their efforts in 2018.

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