The Alphabet Ambassadors program paired 3rd grade students with Kindergartners, aiming to teach the proper letter names and sounds. Five days per week, the students met in the mornings and spent 10-15 minutes together tracing the letters of the alphabet.  This program started in mid-September and concluded after 10 weeks.

photo of studentsThe 3rd grade students were trained by Erin Klopstad (Reading Specialist) and Kedra Hamilton (Instructional Guide). They taught them to guide the Kindergartners in correct letter formation, consistent with what was taught in their classrooms.

The benefits of this program are both measurable and intangible. Kindergartners learn the alphabet’s letters and sounds, a cornerstone for reading. Meanwhile, 3rd graders take on responsibility, foster friendships, and mentor their younger peers.

The program sparked widespread laughter, kindness, and joy! Observing the growth of caring friendships as Kindergartners solidified their letter knowledge and 3rd graders applauded their progress was truly remarkable.