Central Elementary integrates a web program called ST Math into student’s curriculum- enriching math instruction and practice with more than 35,000 interactive puzzles. These puzzles cover a wide range of math topics, adhering to all state standards and focusing on grade-level concepts and skills. At the heart of ST Math is Ji-Ji, a penguin who embarks on a mathematical journey. Our students guide Ji-Ji past hurdles by solving math problems, advancing Ji-Ji to new levels with each puzzle solved.

This March, Central held the first ever March Mathness competition. A randomized bracket was generated, pairing classes against each other to see who could solve the most puzzles.

Bracket with JiJiThe championship face-off saw Mrs. Adams’ first graders and Mr. Long’s fourth graders in a thrilling finale.

Mrs. Adams’ class pulled out the victory to claim the 2024 March Mathness title!

The winning prize? A pizza party courtesy of Cubbies on Main and a special visit from student’s favorite penguin, Ji-Ji!

There were no Cinderella stories in this big dance as Central’s mathletes worked extremely hard and solved over 100,000 puzzles throughout the tournament!

In recognition of their hard work and spirited teamwork, all students were treated to ice cream, courtesy of Pint-Sized Ice Cream.

As March Madness captivates basketball fans nationwide, Central’s own math tournament had its share of buzzer-beaters and underdog stories. In the spirit of this thrilling event, Central celebrates the “One Shining Moment” of our tournament – dedication and teamwork. This moment is not just about the final score; it is about every problem solved, every challenge overcome, and the joy of learning that is cherished the most.