Interested in nominating someone for the Nevada High School Athletic Hall of Fame?


Two or more of the following criteria must be met for athletes to be a nominated for the Nevada Hall of Fame. Coaches with outstanding records at Nevada may also be considered for nomination.

1. First team all-conference performer twice. (This means twice in the same sport or once in one sport and once in another; possibly in the same year.)
2. State qualifier, first team all-district, or on an all-state team recognized by the Des Moines Register or the Iowa Newspaper Association. Honorable mention or special mention do not count as state teams. Members of teams that have won a conference or sectional championship may be considered.
3. Conference, district or sectional champion for individual sports.
4. School record holder.

In Addition, five years must have elapsed following the nominee’s graduation from high school.


Anyone can nominate an individual for the Hall of Fame, but nominations must be filed on a specific form which will be available on our website, Nominations will be considered active for a five year period. After five years, if the nominee is not selected they can be nominated again.

Nominations must be received by October 31st in order to be considered for that year.


The inductees (up to 5 per year) will be honored at a Nevada High School game each year and receive a plaque. Each inductee’s biography will be a part of the interactive display.


The selection committee will be made up of the following people:
1. High School activities director – Dustin Smith
2. High School Principal – Kristian Einsweiler
3. One longtime faculty member – Larry Parker
4. Booster representative – Chad Bauman
5. Three longtime Nevada residents –Stacie Herridge, Randy Davis, Joe Toot
6. Selection committee members replaced by remaining selection committee member nominations & vote after a selection committee member resigns their appointment.

Each nominee must receive 5/7 of the committee’s approval to be inducted.

Proposed changes to committee guidelines and regulations must receive a 5/7 vote from current selection committee members.

Submit a nomination for the Nevada High School Athletic Hall of Fame