Nevada Community School District offers educators a professionally driven model for growth and professional learning called Climbing the Mountain.

Through staff surveys (Clarity and PD surveys), the district realized that staff like having a choice in their learning which directly impacts the teaching and learning in their classrooms.

First, staff think about what they would like to improve in their classroom.Climbing the Mountain awards
Teachers should work on something that interests them. The technology and the coaching staff are here to support and guide teachers. Dedicated time is given at least two late-start Mondays per month to work on Climbing the Mountain journeys.

Meg knew she really wanted to focus on mindfulness for her inaugural journey but I didn’t know if it would “fit” into a plan. Typically, plans focus on content specific materials, instructional strategies, implementation of technology, district initiatives, etc. But Meg got the green light to research Mindfulness and how it would fit into her curriculum.

Since her initial research phase Meg has presented to staff, been part of international twitter chats, and even has been blogging about Mindfulness in the classroom!

Check out Meg’s journey on Mindfulness by following her blog here.

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