Achieving Growth with Climbing the Mountain

Individualized PD is a true teamwork approach to professional learning.  TEACHERS seek out the answers to improve their own instruction with help from others.  COACHES assist educators to move from one level to the next.  Coaches meet with administrators to review where educators are on their journey.  ADMINISTRATION reviews with instructional & technology coaches on educator status along with recognizing educators accordingly.

There are multiple levels, or “camps” to Climbing the Mountain that teachers will climb to new levels as they learn and share.

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Base Camp Camp 1
Camp 2
Camp 3
Cub / Royal Talk

Base Camp Logo tentBase Camp – Introductory Sessions

Introductory sessions merely provide a basic understanding of various strategies and technologies used in education today. They are a go-to place when needing more information about a specific strategy or tool. However, these strategies and tools can come from you too!

Base Camp takes two forms:

  1. Face-to-Face  Sessions – Lead by Technology Department, AEA consultants, and Nevada TLC members or any faculty member that has gone through the Climbing the Mountain Journey.
  2.  Nevada Badging – The badging site has been created with options of various tools and activities to explore on your own.

Camp 1 Research LogoCamp 1 – Research

Teachers that have a foundational understanding of a variety of strategies and technologies can begin researching/developing ways to incorporate these into their classrooms. This could include trying a new strategy, combining technology with current teachings in their classroom, or explore a new teaching method that incorporates technology (flipped learning, blended learning, etc.). Instructional Coaches or Technology Integrationist can work directly with you to assist in your research or deciding if you are ready for Camp 2 (Integration).

  1. What is _________?
  2. How does it tie into my curriculum?
  3. How do I teach this to students?

Resources for Camp 1

Checklist for Completions of Camp 1

Coaching Guide for Camp 1

Identifying your Weakspot Video

Identifying your Weak Spot Reflection in Canvas

Certification Received after completing Camp 2

Certified Researcher

Camp 2 Integration logo

Camp 2 – Integration

Now you implement your research into your own classroom! Your Instructional Coach or Technology Integrationist can work with you to work through the necessary steps for effective implementation.

  • What steps need to be taken?What resources/technologies need to be pulled in to integrate your research?
  • What worked? What didn’t work?
  • What changes have you seen with how you teach?
  • What changes have you seen in how your students are learning?
  • What formative assessments data did you collect to see if the integration worked? ​

Resources for Camp 2

Camp 2 Checklist

Camp 2 Coaching Guide

Certification Received after completing Camp 2

Certified Integrator

camp 3 logo

Camp 3 – Cub / Royal Talk

You now present/shareout to the staff your new learning and how you attempted to implement it.

  • What steps did you take?
  • What worked/didn’t work?
  • Moments of personal enlightenment
  • What Iowa Teaching Standards did you meet in the process?

Resources for Camp 3

Camp 3- Checklist

Camp 3- Coaching Guide

Iowa Teaching Standards

Certification Received after completing Camp 3

Certified Mentor

summit logo​Summit – Share Outside of the District

The pinnacle is to share your new understanding to a larger audience. As an educator, you have a new expertise and should be encouraged to share with others.  This can be done one of two ways:

  1. Present at a conference
  2. Blog about your findings and share via social media

Your Instructional/Tech Coach can assist with either planning for your presentation or help setting up your blog.

Resources for the Summit

Summit – Checklist