The School Improvement Advisory Council (SIAC) is a community-based liaison group, which provides students, faculty/staff members, parents, and community members the opportunity to provide input into the decision-making of the Nevada Community School District. The purpose of the School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC), per Iowa Code 280.12, is to serve in an advisory role and make recommendations to the board of directors regarding:
  • Major educational needs
  • Student learning goals
  • Long-range and annual improvement goals that include, but are not limited to, the state indicators that address reading, mathematics, and science achievement.
  • Desired levels of student performance.
  • Progress toward meeting the goals¬†
  • Harassment or bullying prevention goals, programs, training, and other initiatives.
  • Infusing character education into the educational program
The Nevada CSD SIAC Committee will meet a minimum, on a quarterly basis. An agenda will be posted before the meeting, and summary minutes related to topics discussed at each meeting will be posted for public viewing. The committee, which is approved by the School Board annually, will consist of the following members:
  • Nevada CSD School Board
    • One Board Member
  • Nevada CSD Faculty/Staff Members
    • Associate Superintendent
    • Building Principals
    • One TLC Learning Team Coach per building
  • Nevada CSD Students
    • 2-3 NHS Juniors
    • 2-3 NHS Seniors
  • Nevada CSD Parents/Community Members
    • 2-4 Parents per building

SIAC Meeting Minutes