The Nevada Community School District’s Mission is to Prepare Learners Today for Tomorrow.  Through various forums and surveys, the Nevada Community (businesses & citizens) produced a list of several essential skills that they felt our graduates needed to be successful in our community, the world community, and life as a whole.

From those community-developed learner outcomes the district condensed them down into 4 essential learner outcomes that we strive for each and every child to be proficient in as graduates of Nevada.

Visioning Individualized Learners


Individualized learners engage in creative and critical thinking remaining flexible and continuously adapting, as their learning needs change.

Visioning Collaborators


Collaborators embody compassion and empathy as they work productively with others of varied backgrounds and points of view to solve complex problems.

Visioning Whole Indivdual


Whole individuals engage in creative and critical thinking, communicate in complex ways, work with others, remain flexible and adaptable as they contribute to the world around them understanding that all people have value in our complex world.

Visioning World Changers


World changers use their gifts of complex communication, collaboration, work ethic, and empathy to positively impact the world in which we live.