Q: How long will it take me to complete this?
A: The time completely depends on the task you select. If you are learning a new Web tool or strategy and incorporating it into a unit, and then posting a blog entry, it may take a month or two. If you decide to flip your classroom, we would expect it to take a year. If you are taking this option for credit, you will want to need to get one project through Camp 3 before the end of the school year.

Q: When am I “done”?
A: Hopefully, this process is never “done”. Once you attain the top level with one project, we hope you begin with a new task and are constantly learning and improving and modeling for students.

Q: Can I have more than one project going at the same time?
A: Yes. You may be in Camp 1 with several projects or Camp 3 with one and Camp 2 with one, etc. You make those decisions. We just want to see you progressing. If you are taking this option for credit, you will want to need to get one project through Camp 3 before the end of the school year.

Q: How do I decide what to do?
A: Think about what you would like to improve in your classroom. It may be easiest to identify a problem first and build from that. That is what makes this personalized PD. You should work on something that interests YOU! The technology and the coaching staff are here to support and guide you.

Q: Why are we moving to Personalized Learning?
A: Through our staff surveys (Clarity and PD surveys), we have determined that staff like having a choice in their learning which impacts the teaching and learning in their classrooms. “Effective professional development honors the autonomy of teachers but recognizes the importance of a form of accountability grounded in that autonomy. Both are essential.” – Jim Knight

Q: What are the administrators’ expectations?
A: Just as we expect students to improve their skills, teachers and administrators must also move from using researched based strategies and technology as simply a management tool to using them to transform learning in their classrooms.

Q: How will I have time to do all this?
A: Time during some late starts has been used in the last few years for technology training and individualized career development plans. This will continue and during this time, you can work on Climbing the Mountain.

Q: What help is available?
A: Technology instructional support is available from the Instructional Coaches, Technology Department, and AEA Technology Consultants. A request for their help can be submitted through scheduling time with coaches or the technology integrationist.

Q: Can I change topics once I begin researching and decide that this project/topic isn’t what I thought it was going to be?
A: You may change topics if you decide that the original topic doesn’t fit your needs and won’t benefit your students learning.

Q: Can I collaborate and work with someone else on a project?
A: If you find someone who is interested in the same topic and you want to work together that is fine. You might even be able to develop cross-curricular projects as well. All collaborators are responsible for filling out paperwork and adding it to their PD folders.

Q: When and where and to whom will I give my “Cub Talk” for Camp 3?
A: There will be options for when you give your Cub Talk. You might give it at a district in-service, or at a building staff meeting, or through a video presentation that will be added to the badging site.

Q: Is there a time limit for how long the “Cub Talk” has to be?
A: You need to make your talk the length you need in order that others have an understanding of your topic and how you implemented your findings in your classroom so that instruction was improved.