Last year, Tier 2 Words were collected that students were missing on their reading probes.  Every 2 weeks, students vote for a new vocabulary word out of 3 possibilities. Words so far: navigate, access, persuade, assume, achieve, fierce, visible, numerous, and minimal.

First (Monday), The definition of the word goes up on the board (and then on the wall & remains there), and the class goes over what the word means. Two new sentences per day are gone over as a class, and students have the opportunity to add their own sentences to the board.

Next on Monday, we review the previous week’s word with a sentence. Next for the new word, they write both the definition and a sentence using the new word.

On Tuesday, students get their sheets back they did on Monday with feedback. They then turn their sheets over and write another sentence using the vocabulary word. These sheets are individually checked as they are turned in and handed back, until they are corrected.

On Wednesday, students have the opportunity to use their vocabulary word when writing the Book Club presentation and receive feedback.

On Thursday, feedback should be accepts/fixed and students present their book club with their vocabulary word used correctly in a relevant sentences.

On Friday, students do reading probes.

The following week, students are asked to use the new vocabulary word when reporting to me about their book (daily). Book club is still prepared for on Wednesday and then presented on Thursday.

-Out of 27 students, 26 are actively participating in the vocabulary activities and experiencing a range of successes.

•Successes range from
•Students creating complex sentences that include the vocabulary words
•Students creating simple sentences using the sentence patterns available.
•Students needing teacher feedback to correct a sentence.

Next week….
Students will choose from the following words:

incessant,substantial, progressed

Originally Shared by Elizabeth O’Connor on the Nevada Individualized PD Blog.