The Middle School is 30 years old and in need of renovation. The School Board approved petitions for a General Obligation Bond Referendum for September 8th, 2020.  Voters in the Nevada community approved the GO Bond with a 88.35% yes vote.

Invision Architects, the architect firm the District has partnered with, has been meeting virtually with several groups including staff, students, and administration to gain their hopes and concerns for the renovation project. They have summarized that input into 4 main project drivers:

  • Address deferred maintenance items to allow this facility to serve the students, staff and the community for years to come
  • Create an environment that supports 21st Century learning
  • Create multi -purpose support spaces that extend learning opportunities
  • Provide a refresh throughout the building that brings a modern aesthetic and evokes pride

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in the renovation?

What is the District’s overall levy (tax rate) and how would this project impact that rate?

What’s included in the renovation?



The heating/cooling system is antiquated and failing. Annual and ongoing repairs are no longer effective solutions. The District plans to replace the current HVAC with a geothermal system similar to those installed during the Central Elementary and High School renovations.


Roof Replacement

Like the HVAC, annual and ongoing repairs are no longer effective.


Improved (energy efficient) lighting


ADA-compliant restrooms


Student lockers are rusting and in need of replacement

Wrestling Room

MS/HS Wrestling Room addition

Nevada is the only school our size that does not have a dedicated wrestling room. The wrestling program is currently using the safe room, which is not optimal for mat storage and also limits gym space from other school and city programs.

What is the District’s overall levy (tax rate) and how would this project impact that rate?

Recent Overall School Tax Rates
2020/21 14.71
2019/20 16.81
2018/19 16.81
2017/18 16.87
2016/17 16.81
2015/16 16.80
2014/15 16.75
2013/14 15.71

Included in the above overall tax rates is 2.70 (maximum allowed by law) to pay off GO bond debt. NCSD used that surplus debt service to pay down Central and HS bonds sooner, saving taxpayers over $500,000 in interest. Passage of a bond will keep that debt service at 2.70.