Welcome to Preschool!

The mission of the Nevada Community Preschool is to provide a quality preschool experience in a positive, developmentally appropriate environment. There is an emphasis on the development of the whole child – language, cognitive, social-emotional, and physical. Children are encouraged to learn through active play and hands-on activities. The intent is to prepare our 4 year olds for kindergarten, yet our preschool is not to be like kindergarten. Any significant delays in development are identified and addressed. Each day will provide a variety of cognitive/pre-academic skills, social experiences, cooperative play, large and small motor activities, and direction in self-help skills. Students will learn to acknowledge and follow classroom rules. Most of all students will have fun!

Preschool Hours

Morning Class: Tuesday-Friday 8:15-11:15

Afternoon Class: Tuesday-Friday 12:15-3:15

Weather-Related Late Starts or Early Outs

In case of a late start due to weather, the morning preschool class does not meet.

In case of early out due to weather, the afternoon preschool class does not meet.

Early Out Dismissal Hours (only on select days like conference days)

1 Hour Early Dismissal

AM: 8:15-10:45

PM: 11:45-2:15

2 Hour Early Dismissal

AM: 8:15-10:15

PM: 11:15-1:15