One of our building goals at the middle school is to have a positive learning and working environment. To enhance our environment, one of the avenues we’re exploring this year is utilizing our end of day “homeroom” or “seminar” period a bit differently than in the past.

We have changed the name to Cub Pride Time and are now able to offer students opportunities to get support in classes, have time to get specialized instruction/support and an opportunity to choose enrichment activities.

Some of the things offered to students in the first week (starting Sept. 25) range from strength training and basketball to mindfulness, service learning, free reading, study hall or even Nevada history.

We are excited to incorporate more ways for students to exercise their voice and choice. We hope each week that they can find something that they may already enjoy, explore something new or get support in an academic area.

By offering enrichment opportunities, we also have some more options to connect with our community. If there are individuals or organizations who may be able to offer something for our enrichment time, we would love to hear from you! For example, are you a knitter who would love to share your talents? Do you teach martial arts and want to give students a 30-minute lesson? Please email me at if you have any interest in an enrichment session or sessions at Nevada Middle School.

Submitted by Dr. Lisa Hartman, Middle School Principal