Dear Nevada Middle & High School Parents,

You may have seen various news reports regarding the increasing concerns of youth “vaping”.  Vaping is a term for use of electronic cigarettes (also known as e-cigarettes).

Based on the number of vaping-related incidents at Nevada Middle and High School during our first month of school, we share the growing concern of public health officials  (Number of high schoolers who used e-cigarettes in the past 30 days has risen some 75% in 2018 according the Wall Street Journal)

We will be working to provide our students with educational resources regarding this topic throughout the school year.  We also ask for your assistance in addressing this topic with your child(ren).

In addition to the health risks involved, students also risk disciplinary consequences for vaping at school.  Vaping is not allowed in school, or on school property, and e-cigarettes are treated the same as possession of regular cigarettes or smokeless tobacco.  Student consequences begin with suspension and/or police citation.

Links to other related articles have been provided below.  Thank you in advance for assisting us to keep our learning environment safe and free of illegal activity.


Yours in Education,

Dr. Steve Gray

Superintendent of Schools