• November 25, 26 – holiday
  • December 24 through December 31 – holiday
  • Jan. 17 – inservice/work day
  • March 17, 18 – inservice/work day
  • May 30th – holiday

Severe Winter Weather

Please tune into KCCI (8) to be sure you have accurate information as to delays or closings as you will not be notified by the NCRC on these days.

  • If school is cancelled, the NCRC is CLOSED
  • If there is a late start due to weather, there will NOT be a Before School Program and the NCRC will open at 9:45am for our Wrap Around Program
  • If there is an early out due to weather, there will NOT be an After School Program and parents of the Wrap Around children will be notified as to the time they will need to pick their children up.

It is at the discretion of the NCRC to cancel camp days due to inclement weather for the safety of both children and staff.  Parents will be contacted in the event of a camp day cancellation.