Wrap Around Schedule is as follows:

  • Children picked up from classrooms
  • Walk back to NCRC
  • Wash hands and use bathroom
  • Free Play at offered activity centers
  • Lunch at NCRC
    • the children have the option to bring a sack lunch [that does NOT need to be heated up or refrigerated] from home or purchase a lunch provided by the Central Elementary school kitchen
  • Rest time
  • Group time/activity
  • Free play at offered activity centers.

Wrap Around children must be picked up by 3:30PM if not enrolled in the After School Program.

You will be required to fill out all required registration forms before your child will officially be enrolled.  Please contact the NCRC for these forms.  A $10 nonrefundable per child fee will be charged to register.

Rates and more information can be found in the NCRC Handbook.