Friends of Central Event

Join us for a night of learning and fun at Central Elementary on Wednesday, September 13th from 6-7pm! The night will highlight developmental wellness, mental health, and behavioral supports provided at Central. Come for a brief overview of services, with time to ask questions and connect with services. Fun for all ages - playground, tatoos, chalk, water games outside!  Free pizza will be served! Groups present include:
  • Kinetic Edge
    • Occupational therapy and sensory processing treatment
  • ISU Extension & Raising Readers in Story County
    • Small Talk: early language development program
  • Integrative Counseling
    • School-based therapy
  • Cornerstone Counseling
    • School-based therapy
  • Central Iowa Psychological Services
    • Parent-Child interaction therapy
    • Therapy and med management at Story County Medical
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Book Blast

Central Elementary is getting ready to kick off an adventure where all students will be able to earn FREE books! 01 Message BAF School Social The voyage starts next week when students will cast off in search of Book Blast treasure. Once students receive their Treasure Map next week, the treasure hunt begins! Be sure to participate for a chance to win one of 4 Treasure Chests full of cash and even an Apple iPad! But even better, you’ll be starting the journey to earning all 10 books on the Treasure Map booklist. Heave ho, let’s go readers!
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